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Having a baby is a big step that's as exciting as it is daunting. When your home is filled with great baby essentials from Pottery Barn Kids, you can put your worries aside and know that you're as prepared as possible for the arrival of your newborn. Browse the baby shop now to find the right furniture and accessories to outfit your nursery, plus other key items for day-to-day baby care. Browse the baby shop at Pottery Barn Kids for nursery furniture, toys, gifts, decor, and other essentials to prepare for your new baby. With these great furnishings, tools, and accessories in your home, you'll always be ready for bathtime, bedtime, mealtimes, playtime, outings, and anything else life may throw at you.



As your child's personality flourishes, it's natural to feel inspired. Start decorating your kids' rooms to reflect who they are and who they're becoming. Give them something to be thrilled about when you select new furniture, like beds, dressers, and more, and bring them in the final choices for colors, textures, or fun decor. Create a magnificent bunk bed and study suite or simply change out the rugs and hang a few pendant lights to give your kid's rooms the design boost you crave.
Adding A Personal Touch
Update their room with personalized items that help each kid's room feel unique. Monogram blankets or pillowcases, etch photo frames, banks, or snow globes, or choose from rocker toys with their names hand-painted.



A child's bedroom is their own special spot in the home. It is a room not only for sleeping but for playing, learning, growing, and dreaming. Kids furniture essentials from Pottery Barn Kids are sized and styled to fit children in all stages of development.

Nursery Furniture
A well-designed nursery will help you to navigate life with a newborn. Start by choosing a great crib and a changing table with plenty of storage space. If you have the space, a nursery glider chair is also incredibly helpful to have for late-night feedings and for rocking your newborn to sleep.
Toddler Furniture
Toddler beds are the next step once your child grows out of their standard crib. Many Pottery Barn Kids cribs can be converted into a bed using a toddler bed conversion kit. At this stage, you may also choose to add extra kids' furniture to their bedroom, like their own special chair personalized with their name or initials.

Kids Bedroom Furniture
In what seems like no time at all, your child will be ready for their first "grown-up" bed. Choose from standard beds, storage beds, or upholstered beds in a variety of colors. Bunk beds or loft beds are also a great choice for siblings sharing a room. Pair your kid's bed with a matching dresser and nightstand then personalize the space with fun decor items and wall art.

Kids Playroom Furniture
Having a designated spot to play is important for a child's development. If you don't have a separate playroom, this can be a spot within the child's bedroom, in the living room, or wherever you can find the space. Playroom furniture is incredibly fun and diverse.

Kids Desks and Study Furniture
Once your child has started school, they'll also need a dedicated spot with a desk for working on school projects. Be sure to choose a kids' desk with plenty of storage space for papers and school supplies. You can also keep a bookshelf nearby to store extra materials. Choose from basic upholstered desk chairs or ones in fun colors and prints to add whimsy to their study space.

Pottery Barn Kids has all the kids' furniture essentials you'll need to outfit your child's bedroom, playroom, and study space. With kids' bedroom furniture for newborns, toddlers, and older children available, you can always be ready with new stylish items as soon as your child's needs change.

Shop all the furniture pieces you need for your baby and his room and enjoy same-day delivery for small items for a delivery charge of SAR 50 in Riyadh, Jeddah, and all of KSA.



Upgrade or refresh your children's rooms with new kid's bedding from Pottery Barn Kids in Riyadh, Jeddah, and all Saudi Arabia. From sheets to quilts and comforters to bed skirts to duvet covers, there are plenty of beautiful linens to shop for when it's time to give your kid's beds a makeover. Enjoy the cheer of colors inspired by fruit or candy. Fluff up an extra set of pillows for reading before lights out. Add patterns and motifs that make everyone smile and keep them warm and cozy at night. With kids' bedding from Pottery Barn Kids, bedtime is about to be transformed into a fun time.



Turn your little ones' favorite spaces into comfortable, relaxing havens with kids' area rugs from Pottery Barn Kids in Riyadh, Jeddah, and all KSA. Choose rugs tough enough to stand up to everyday life - and that is durable, easy to clean, and packed with plush comfort for little feet, hands, and knees.

Solid-Colored Rugs for Kids

Simple, soft, and easy to coordinate with existing decor, solid-colored kids' rugs are the perfect choice in nurseries, children's bedrooms, and playrooms. Because you can simply select the right shade - choosing between bright and vivid colors, charming pastels and all the shades between - these are the easiest rugs to add to any child's space. Pick a large, rectangular rug to cover hardwoods and create a play space, or choose a round, oval, or half-moon rug to cover a very specific area. You can even choose faux fur rugs shaped just like authentic ones to create visual appeal and provide a soft, safe place for your little ones to lounge or play.

Patterned Kids' Area Rugs

Add a splash of style to your children's spaces with patterned area rugs. Explore bright stars, swirling lines, and perfectly symmetrical designs, or pick animal prints, rainbows, and unicorns, or other whimsically fun designs. Patterned rugs for kids come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, which means you can find the perfect floor covering for your little ones' spaces, whether you're outfitting a nursery, a bedroom, or a playroom.

Playroom Rugs and Mats

Playroom rugs and mats can include printed roads, parks, and other scenery so your kids can use their own imaginations to create hours of fun. Choose from charming patterns and a variety of kid-friendly designs to create the ultimate play space for your kids. Opt for large rectangular rugs in your child's favorite colors to protect the area beneath kid-sized desks or other furniture, small circular rugs to place beneath kids' loungers, or faux fur animal-shaped rugs that your little ones will love.

High-Performance Kids' Rugs

Rugged and durable, high-performance kids' rugs are ideal for active play spaces. These rugs can stand up to heavy foot traffic, and they're easy to clean and maintain - making them the perfect choice for playrooms and older kids' bedrooms.

Made to Order Kids' Area Rugs

Custom kids' rugs are durably hand-tufted and dyed for lasting color. Most feature plush, soft and springy yarns that are great for little feet. Available in a wide range of sizes, these custom rugs are a wonderful addition to any space.

Finding the perfect rug for your kids' rooms, playroom or other spaces is easy at Pottery Barn Kids. You'll find an exceptional selection of kids' rugs made from the finest materials that your children will love.

School Gear


Planning a vacation with kids requires a lot of planning and patience. Check one big item off your to-do list with high-quality kids' backpacks from Pottery Barn Kids in Riyadh, Jeddah, and all KSA. Our kid-sized luggage is easy for children to carry on their own and can even be personalized with a name or with initials to help you keep track of your bags while you travel.

Kids Luggage Sets

Kids luggage is available in a variety of kid-friendly designs, including polka dots, Disney princess themes, animal prints, and superhero themes. Most design options are available in small and large sizes so you can create a matching set. Some are also available in an extra-large size for longer trips. These cases all come with wheels and extendable handles so they can easily be carried throughout the airport or train station.
One important choice you'll have to make is whether to select hard-sided or soft-sided luggage. Hard-sided suitcases feature a hard outer shell made of plastic to protect delicate items from drops and bumps as you travel. If you're packing items like toiletries, breakable toys, and tablets, hard-sided luggage is the best choice. Since the hard plastic shell also wipes clean easily, these suitcases are great for messy kids or for traveling in inclement weather.
Soft-sided suitcases are crafted of weather-resistant fabrics with no hard shell. While not as durable as hard-sided luggage, soft suitcases are still reasonably structured and sturdy. Soft-sided luggage is also more flexible than hard-sided luggage, meaning it's easier to fit into compact spaces like the trunk of a car or the overhead baggage compartment on an airplane.

In addition to the backpacks, make sure to shop for all your kids' needs to have a good day in their school like lunch bags, water bottles, masks, and pencil cases.



Designing a bathroom specifically for your child is different than perfecting a master bathroom space for yourself. While you might want tranquility and relaxation, most kids are going to prefer a fun motif and a vibrant color scheme. Use these five bathroom ideas from Pottery Barn Kids in Riyadh, Jeddah, and all KSA to create the perfect place for your kids to bathe, brush their teeth and get ready for their day.

1. Under the Sea

There are lots of water in the bathroom, so it's no surprise that an under the sea theme is a very popular choice when decorating a space just for kids. The fact is that most kids love this theme and there's a huge number of options available for decorating a bathroom. If you're starting from scratch, opt for rich, water-like blues for paint. This will help set the tone and make any bathroom special. From there, printed rugs and shower curtains with sea creatures or water accents are easy to find and a whole lot of fun. Don't forget to add the needed Accessories like robes, bath storage, and lots of bath toys like floating sea creatures and rubber ducks for a fun bath time!

2. Safari Surprise

Tooth-brushing time may not be quite as exciting as going on an African safari, but if you're decorating a bathroom for your child, who says you can't do both? To start, pick colors like rich taupe, tan, and sand for paint if a fresh coat is needed. Decorative accents like shower curtains that feature tigers, leopards, and even elephants can add style and color. Animal print bath rugs and towels are also a ton of fun and fit right into your safari theme. Vibrant yellow and orange tones for items like soap holders can brighten up your child's bathroom if you feel it's a touch too dark.

3. Birds and Butterflies

Many kids have a fascination with birds and butterflies, making them an ideal focal point for a fun bathroom. If you're starting from scratch, this is one bathroom style that can greatly benefit from patterned wallpaper that features these flying creatures. Another option would be to stencil birds and butterflies in bright colors onto a plain white or colored wall. Hooded towels with butterfly and bird designs are easy to come by in many different colors, as are shower curtains and rugs. Decorative decals can also be used in the bathtub, shower, and on mirrors to create colorful accents that can be removed as your child gets older and their style changes.

4. Into the Woods

Bold prints can make a bathroom a place where kids can let their imagination go wild. For kids that love nature and animals, there's nothing better than a unique forest theme. You can pick a ton of colors and incorporate stylish prints that they'll enjoy even as they get older. For a forest-themed bathroom, mix-and-match colors like forest green, brown, and sky blue. Bright accents like oranges and yellows are also welcome. Choose stylish items like shower curtains with a bird of paradise or forest animal design that your child loves. You can also add fake flowers, trees, and plants to play up the style of the room if you've got the space.

5. Shared Bathrooms

Sometimes a bathroom needs to be shared between two kids and they might not have the same sense of style. While one child might love the safari theme, another may prefer the birds and butterflies motif. There is a compromise to be found! When decorating a gender-neutral bathroom that will be shared between kids, opt for colors that aren't typically seen as masculine or feminine such as high blue, white, orange, and yellow. Mixing and matching a lot of colorful elements can make the space fun and kid-friendly without making it feel like a traditional boy or girl's bathroom.



Plan to enhance your nursery decor with just a few refined touches. This is an upgrade that can happen in an afternoon or over a weekend. By selecting floor lamps, mirrors, or cute storage, you can transform the look and feel of the nursery or simply refresh a corner or two. New decorating touches are a fun way to celebrate a growing baby and begin to transition into playroom furnishings and, later, a toddler and kids bedroom aesthetic. Choose pieces that bring a soft sense of whimsy to your kids' room decor from Pottery Barn Kids in Riyadh, Jeddah, and all KSA.

Kids Room Decor

If you have more than one child, upgrade your kids' bedrooms while making changes in the nursery. This helps all your kids feel like decorating is a fun family activity. Add shelves, rugs, wall art, and more to their space to make your home look rejuvenated and lively.

Baby Gear


Having a newborn in the house is an incredible experience. It can also be a little stressful if you feel like you are underprepared and need to play catch up on your shopping. Browse our selection of newborn essentials and baby gear today to make sure you've got everything you need when your child enters the world. Enjoy every minute you spend with your child by buying the baby gear you need today. A well-stocked home means you can stress less and make memories that will last a lifetime with your newborn.

Toys & Play

Explore a diverse collection of toys for your kids that would help them make the most fun of their playtime and spend hours with toys to develop new skills. Shop from our toys collection for boys and girls of all ages in Jedda, Al Riyadh, and all KSA from Pottery Barn Kids KSA.


If you are searching for something that would teach your kid how to identify the types of cooking utensils and kinds of food and also develop social skills through playing with their friends and siblings, explore our play kitchen sets such as cookie baking sets, kitchen tool sets, kitchen play ovens, and many others.


Are you looking for coloring books and reading books instead? We got you covered. Find your favorite pick from our collection of illustrated books that explain scientific concepts and theories and basic mathematics operations in a simplified manner for your kids; also, you can find bedtime stories to read for them before sleep. Do they love painting and drawing? Help them practice and develop this artistic skill with our coloring books suitable for all ages and tastes.


Want to introduce your kid to the outside world? Choose one of our fun educational kits that include the Explore the Sea kit, the Geography kit, the Human Body kit, and many other different kits. Shop one of our numeric and geometric puzzles for your kids to develop and sharpen their intellectual and computational skills.


If your baby prefers building their own toys like dollhouses and train sets, you can find what you're looking for in our dollhouse collections that include complete accessory sets for different rooms and parts of the house as well as train sets for your kid to build their own little railway. 


And we didn’t forget about rockers. Shop our collection of rockers designed in different shapes including horses, unicorns, and train and plush toys in the shape of many animals. 


Shop whatever you need for your kid and their room, from bedding sheets and bedroom furniture to bath essentials to gifts, at Pottery Barn Kids.



When shopping for your littlest loved ones, you'll want to find gifts that will be useful but that also makes them feel special. Personalized gifts for kids are the perfect solution. All of these great gift items can be customized with an etched or embroidered monogram, giving them one-of-a-kind flair. Shop the personalized gift collection from Pottery Barn Kids in Riyadh, Jeddah, and all KSA to find the best gifts for birthdays, holidays, or any other special occasion.

Personalized Gifts for Kids

Kids love receiving gifts, especially when they're tailored to their interests. Personalized gifts for boys include towels, pajamas, and backpacks with a variety of fun pattern options. Choose from top themes like dinosaurs, sports, superheroes, or outer space, then personalize the gift with the child's first name or initials. Boys are also sure to love shiny ride-on cars or planes with their names printed across the front. Towels, pajamas, and backpacks for girls can also be personalized with a name or set of initials. Various font colors and styles are available to choose from to give the piece a completely customized look. Print theme options include unicorns, rainbows, and Disney princesses. Other top gifts for girls are personalized dollhouses and lovely white, pink or silver jewelry boxes.

Personalized Gifts for Toddlers

While they may be a little while off from mastering reading and writing, it's never too early for a toddler to start learning about letters. Gift a cozy new set of personalized pajamas or hooded towels to familiarize them with the important letters that make up their first name. Toddler pajamas and towels are crafted of soft materials like organic cotton and come in several patterns and colors. Personalized storybooks where the child is the star also make great gifts for toddlers. Choose from a variety of different adventure stories that feature princesses, superheroes, or animals. Create a fun storytime set by pairing the books with a monogrammed toddler-sized chair.

Personalized Gifts for Babies

Personalized baby items from Pottery Barn Kids make a thoughtful gift for baby showers and first birthday parties and can also be used to celebrate important baby milestones. Choose from a variety of gorgeous baby blankets or personalized play mats to add comfort to any nursery. Other gorgeous newborn keepsakes, like baby blocks, snow globes, and photo frames, also make great gifts that will be kept and cherished for years to come.

Shop personalized gifts for kids, toddlers, and babies from Pottery Barn Kids to find the perfect gifts for all of the children in your life. With toys, clothing, and special keepsakes to choose from, you'll find a great gift option to suit any occasion and any child's personality.


Refresh your Décor for the Spring. Limited Time Discounts Included.

This year is different it is time to redesign our homes and atmosphere to disconnect from the darker times. What better time than the Spring? We have a few tips on getting your environment to match the new refreshed vibe: Open your space with brighter colors you’ll find an array of options that will surely fit your needs, browse the amazing deals we have for you.

Unlock hidden space with lighter colors

The sun is shining bright, this spring, and certain color selections can really open up your room, as well as your mood. Bounce natural light by combining lighter tones with brighter hues for pleasant lighting and opening up space. To maximize the effect, use this in higher surface area decorations such as Rugs, Bedsheets, and Furniture. you’ll be able to find some great pieces on Sale.

Organize areas and make it flow

Avoid cluttering your space by isolating, yet integrating, special areas such as the study area, play area, sleep, and storage area. The best way to achieve this is by having a transitional space, most preferably an open area, such as a rug that can serve as a multipurpose space. You’ll surely find something unique from our selection of Online Exclusive products.


Accessorize for yourself and your space

Stay consistent with your theme and vibe. Consider colors and moods for vases, frames, images, and of course, your personal possessions, such as bags, that double as décor find lovely pieces to bring your home together for up to 50% off. We have entered a new season as the cool Spring breeze sets in and general restriction.  we have a wide selection of design items at discount to match the relaxed atmosphere for the Spring Season.